wMail - the next generation unified messaging server

Key Features

  • supported protocols: SMTP, POP3, IMAP (IDLE), SMS, MMS, WAP, WAP Push, HTTP, SMSC, OTA EMN, webdav, etc.
  • offers all-in-one solution for all wireless/wired mail standards
  • Secure - single click access for mobile phone users
  • Ideal for mobile phone and smartphone users as it supports all relevant Push technologies, access via web, WAP, OTA EMN and any mobile device messaging client
  • web, WAP, cHTML and e-mail client support
  • syncs Contacts, Calendar, e-mails with mobile devices and Outlook.
  • anti-spam filtering
  • runs on Linux, AIX, Solaris, Unix and Windows
  • tested and proven in the most demanding telecom environments