About AMPNet

The electric vechile and renewable power markets are on a huge rise globally and ready for disruption.

A large chunk of renewable energy production is done at home - only for producers to be unable to share it with their neighbours without the inefficiencies of doing business with large utility companies.
The majority of EV charging is done in places where you sleep, eat or shop. However, unlike free WiFi, which is included in the price of your coffee at Starbucks - EV charging is too expensive to be given out for free.

We provide a simple, efficient and cheap way to buy and sell electric energy peer to peer. By leveraging the power of the blockchain, we achieve extremely low fees, global availability and instant monetization.

Our incentives system rewards all network participants. From electricity sellers and infrastructure builders to financial investors - creating the perfect environment for a thriving trading platform.

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Mislav Javor | mislav@ampnet.io
Filip Dujmušić | filip@ampnet.io
Branimir Ambreković | branimir@ampnet.io